Last, the story of the concert in streaming from the Colosseum

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Enter alone, like a gladiator. «One, two, one hundred», the first words on the piano. Around silence and Rome, of which he already knows he is the king. And it is immediately “Good morning Life”. A few seconds and Last, 25 years old and many goals already crossed (to say one, the Olimpico), in live streaming from the Colosseum, sends the site hosting the concert into a tailspin. “Good morning LifeI’ll hug you so that you can’t go away, don’t tell me no, I would love you as an idea “, sings, presenting the new single. Music and words in which he recounts his dream as an artist, when at the age of 15 a voice told him: «Wake up and look for a good job». But, continues Niccolò Moriconi, “in fact I looked for him but then I lost what I am / I sat down at the piano and made a pact with blood / to win I will have music / for her I shrug”.

And today, always sitting at the piano, Last enchants. Due to Covid, the Roman singer had to postpone his stadium tour again to 2022, but this zero date – in the heart of Rome – is poetry with The most fragile Star in the Universe, 22 September, Little Star, 7 + 3 and Swallows on a leash.

Forty minutes of magic, and a hint of disappointment for those who failed to connect due to technical problems due to the wave of their fans. “We stood out again this time, we managed to crash the servers hosting the event. Guess what? It never happened. We were too many. Later, I will probably want to tell you how nice it was to perform in the heart of my city, but this is not the time. Now I just want to say atall those who have bought the ticket and who have not been able to follow the live event which will still be available for the next 48 hours “, says Niccolò via Instagram. Then the apologies of the LiveNow platform: «Tonight’s event saw a number of fans who unfortunately were unable to attend due to the high traffic of users at the beginning of the concert. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and for not being able to meet the expectations of the very high number of users due to a technical problem on the part of our partner who processes the payments ».

On the occasion of this event, produced by Vivo Concerti and streamed on LIVENow, Ultimo also wanted to renew its support for UNICEF projects, of which it is Goodwill Ambassador from 2019, who will receive part of the proceeds from the sale of tickets for the event.

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