Last to the “singing” virologists: “Go back to the hospitals to do your job”

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“Sì vax”, the song interpreted by virologists (singers for the occasion) Andrea Crisanti, Matteo Bassetti and Fabrizio Pregliasco at A sheep’s day on Radio Uno Rai on the notes of Jingle Bells, the Roman singer-songwriter did not like it Last. Who, with an Instagram story, ruthlessly criticized the initiative: «Go back to the hospitals to do your job. Stop going on TV to be clowns and stars“. And again: «Let the singers sing and return to the stage are all those who work with us. For two years many of us have not been able to do our job ». The comment of rapper Shade is also of the same tenor: “They make me want to vaccinate me vaccinated.”

But singing virologists do not allow themselves to be intimidated by slating. Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic of the S. Martino Hospital in Genoa, a A sheep’s day, replica: «From the amount of insults and unleashed haters I think it was a good initiative. Italy is full of people who by profession are used to hate and envy. The gauge of how good an initiative has been is given by how many people write “against”. I think my social media manager has banned something like 1500 or 2000 people, even if there have also been many positive comments ». And he adds: «First of all I was pleased to be together with two colleagues, and then before being doctors we are fathers, children and grandchildren, and it is right to give messages that can arrive through science and also through this medium ».

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Speaking of the song, the virologist Crisanti explains: «I was invited to participate in a different level of communication. Particularly, they also wanted to involve children on the subject of the vaccine anti-Covid and it is not that they could be shown the dead or images as strong as the coffins of Bergamo. As colorful puppets and balloons are placed in the vaccination hubs of the little ones, it is clear that this was a completely different level of communication. And then can I say something? I hate singing, so I definitely didn’t do it for a show because singing is in my worst nightmares. It started out as a joke thing for children. It is evident », explains the virologist Andrea Crisanti. “The problem is that in Italy we are full of bigots and hypocrites. If someone thinks that this thing was out of place because it is Christmas or because there is Covid, then we must think of all those who hope that the restriction measures will come after the holidays, knowing full well that the holidays are an occasion for contagion. and will they create excess mortality? It’s hypocritical, isn’t it? ‘

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