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Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania deported Russian diplomats

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have deported a total of ten Russian diplomats, the foreign ministries of the three Baltic states announced on Friday.

“Estonia deported four diplomats in a coordinated move” in connection with activities incompatible with their diplomatic status related to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, “Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkievic wrote in a Twitter post.

The Estonian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it had expelled diplomats because they “directly and actively undermined Estonian security and carried out propaganda justifying Russia’s military action”.

Lithuania said the deportations were “in solidarity with Ukraine”.

The Lithuanian announcement in detail:

“On March 18, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador to Lithuania Alexey Isakov and handed him a diplomatic note declaring four Russian Embassy officials as personae non gratae in Lithuania for their activities. Lithuania has taken such a decision in solidarity with Ukraine, which is facing an unprecedented Russian military strike, and Lithuania has condemned The Russian special services are actively involved in the planning and execution of the military invasion of Ukraine, threatening not only the security of Ukraine but also Lithuania. Russia attacks on civilians, po political objects, hospitals, schools, maternity hospitals and cultural objects are war crimes and crimes against humanity. “Lithuania calls on Russia to respect international law, to renounce the abominable war and further suffering of its citizens, and to withdraw its occupying forces from the entire territory of Ukraine.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry was unable to comment directly on the deportations when it was contacted by Reuters.

Source: Capital

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