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Lauana Prado feels unwell and cancels show after being diagnosed with gastroenteritis

The singer Lauana Prado 35, had to cancel the presentation that was scheduled to take place on Monday night (8) in the interior of São Paulo due to health reasons . The information was released on the singer’s Instagram profile.

Prado was scheduled to perform at the Orlândia Rodeo Music festival in the city of Orlândia on Monday (8). However, she had a malaise and it was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis .

“To allow the artist to recover following medical recommendations, today’s show has been canceled,” said the statement posted on Luana Prado’s profile. “The entire team was already on site.”

In place of the singer of “Escrito nas Estrelas”, the festival announced the duo Rionegro and Solimões .

After the statement was published, Lauana published a video in which she justified the cancellation.

“A few days ago, our entire team was struck down by a virus,” explained the artist. “I felt really bad and had some symptoms, and then, when I went to the hospital, I saw that it was the same virus.”

“I had vomiting, diarrhea, symptoms that are really compatible with the infection, with this virus. Unfortunately, because of this, I won’t be able to do the show today,” he continued.

“But I’m fine,” the singer reassured. “I took IV fluids and all the medication I needed to recover.”

Check out the video:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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