Laura Freddi to Big Brother Vip: “I’m not just an ex (by Paolo Bonolis)”

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“When the wife is on vacation, the ex works.” The joke is from Alfonso Signorini who teased like that Laura Freddi, new entry in the studies of Big Brother Vip in the guise of columnist for one night. The showgirl, former historical girlfriend of Paolo Bonolis, replaced momentarily Sonia Brugarelli, wife of the host, currently on vacation in Dubai with her family.

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“Since the shadow of Paolo Bonolis dominates this edition, I wanted to replace his wife with his ex-girlfriend” provoked Signorini at Laura’s entrance into the studio, of which he pointed out the shoes, borrowed from the “owner” columnist: “Then you wear shoes, you don’t make them,” added the conductor.

To the provocation from the script, Laura Freddi responded ironically from the script, but also added a sentence that did not seem pre-filled: “Ex of Non è la Rai, ex of Bonolis, but I’m also Laura Freddi!”, she said, claiming she wasn’t just an ex-something.

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There was no controversy in her, however, also because the choice to replace Sonia Brugarelli with the former tissue of Strip the News it had been agreed with Mrs Bonolis, with whom Laura is on excellent terms. In recent days, Sonia herself had taken the trouble to silence any malicious gossip, explaining that Laura is only a “substitute”, that she will return to the studio after the holidays, and that behind this choice there is no revenge of Signorini, for the disagreements with her live tv.

For its part Laura Freddi took the best of the occasion, showing himself sparkly e funny at the right point, and ready to parry Signorini’s foil shots. After all, she gives GF VIP she had been through it before, like competitor in 2016, and he knows how the format works.

Presenter and entrepreneur of a line of cosmetics and make-up products, the former Kim Basinger of It is not Rai who had jumped to the headlines thanks to her relationship with Paolo Bonolis, today she is linked to the physiotherapist of the Italian men’s national beach volleyball team, Leonardo D’Amico, and has a daughter Geneva, born in 2018. His “greatest success”, as he once called it.


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