Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta, the eight years of little Paola (far from controversy)

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No mention of the unfortunate “D’Eusanio case”. Laura Pausini celebrated the first eight years of his daughter Paola, born on February 8, 2013. «Eight years with you, Paola. In life, the Harry Potter magic wand does not exist, but never be afraid and grow up as you are doing: happy, curious, attentive, polite “, wrote the singer on Instagram, posting a series of photos of her little girl, alone and together with friends, alongside mom and dad, Paolo Carta. «It is you who will decide whether to make it special or not, we will be by your side to accompany you, support you and support you, always.

Happy birthday Strawberry », wrote Pausini, who wanted to dedicate a Harry Potter-themed day to her little girl, with huge Hogwarts cardboards, its dining rooms, with magic wands and themed balloons and banners.

Of Alda D’Eusanio, then expelled from the reality show, and the unfortunate declaration that this made in the Casa del Big Brother Vip, Pausini did not speak. Not Sunday, not before, not after. The singer limited herself to spread a press release with her husband. “We find it absurd that it is permissible to say such false and serious things in the public sphere and in this case of a television broadcast. Nobody can afford to attribute things to us that are light years away from our way of living, educating and relating to our family. It is a very serious and senseless thing and we can do nothing but rely on justice, to protect ourselves. The proceeds of the complaint will be donated entirely to associations against violence against women ”, it was possible to read on the singer’s Facebook page.

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