Laura Pausini is getting married: the publications of the wedding with Paolo Carta

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Wedding in sight for Laura Pausini and mate Paul Charter: the couple decided to take the plunge. The intentions of the two are revealed in the marriage banns, which can be consulted since last March 9 on the website of the Municipality of Rome.

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The marriage banns of Laura Pausini and Paolo Carta.

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No comments, at least so far, from those directly involved, nor further indiscretions have been leaked about the ceremony. The only sure thing is that the “yes” will be given within three months, the legal deadline starting from the date of the publications.

The wedding will be the culmination of a story that began 18 years ago and enriched by the birth of a little girl, Paola, who is now 10 years old. In the couple’s intentions, the wedding has been there for some time, as Pausini herself recounted Vanity Fair on the occasion of the release of Pleased to meet you, the docu-film released in 2022 that tells about his career and his private life. «Paolo asked me to marry him: in 2012, in a bar in front of the diagnostic center where a month later we would discover that we were waiting for Paola. Reason why we have chosen to postpone: “When she is older, she will wear wedding rings”, we said to each other».

In reality, they had already identified a date, in 2021, but then the Covid emergency forced them to postpone. The reasons for postponing, up to that moment, had also been other. «Sometimes Paola has asked us why we are not married. We explained our position in defense of gays and the desire to wait for the right moment. It’s not that I don’t dream of the white dress, the ceremony – even if not in church, as the song says Our daily love, and a little bit can be heard in the film, “A promise is not a document and we won’t need it to love each other”». All that remains is to wait for the big day. It’s very close now.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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