Laura Vignatti, a television actress, confesses that she suffered violence but did not reveal the aggressor

Laura Vignatti, a television actress, confesses that she suffered violence but did not reveal the aggressor

Recently, the Televisa actress Laura Vignatti made it known in her networks that she suffered violence. Without revealing who it was, she accused a person of beating her and keeping her locked up, which apparently prevented her from continuing with the soap opera recordings. My secret.

In addition, she wrote on her networks that she will soon be better, because nothing will stop her, since she knows that she is not alone and took the opportunity to thank the people who have been with her in these difficult moments.

On March 8, Laura Vignatti wrote a message on her networks that seemed to announce some strong experience she had lived, because among other things she mentioned that she felt grateful to be alive and a few days ago, the actress from my husband has family decided to reveal on his Instagram (@lauravignatti) part of what happened to him.

This was the last photo I took while recording the novel. Which I could not finish because a person, after hitting me, locked me up and did not allow me to return. Just as he also deleted 500 photos from my networks and almost all my contacts from here and from my phone.

In the same way, the Argentine actress shared that little by little she has been recovering her things and asked her acquaintances not to write to her usual phone number anymore because she no longer has it. In addition, she confessed that her situation is more difficult than it seems.

I haven’t slept for five months. Putting all the attitude to get up and continue. Trying not to fall again and it is more difficult than it seems or than (what) we usually hear on a daily basis. But if something is clear to me in this life, it is that nobody, nobody is going to stop me.

Finally, the actress the unforgivable He expressed that he is not ashamed to say that he was a victim of violence, because he hopes to help other people with what he will count on. In addition, in a new video published on her networks, she referred to this issue again, although it seems that she has decided to take her time to gradually reveal what happened to her.

Source: Okchicas