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Lava Jato Court is invaded by floods in Porto Alegre

With numerous flood points reaching Porto Alegre (RS), this Tuesday morning (07), rainwater also reached the headquarters of the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4), located in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

The General Command of the capital's Military Fire Department confirmed the information. According to the corporation, there is still no estimate of the level that the water has reached inside the location.

A CNN , the TRF4 press office also confirmed the flooding of the building. According to the Court's communications area, the water has already accessed the ground floor area that corresponds to the garages and the floor of the building.

In images recorded from inside the Court, it is possible to see that the water level already reaches half of the doors and covers part of the turnstiles that allow access to the place. Boxes and equipment float on water and mud that also reached the unit's elevators.

TRF4, from March 2014 to February 2021, was the headquarters of Operation Lava Jato, considered the largest investigation into corruption carried out in the country, authorized, among others, by the then judge Sérgio Moro.

How TRF4 works

In a publication on social media, the regional body released images this Tuesday (07) of the situation around the Court buildings.

“The water completely covered the access roads and reached the ground floor of the buildings. The TRF4 and the Judicial Sections of RS, SC and PR are widely mobilized to resume the functioning of the systems, but we count on society's understanding at this time”, informed the federal unit on the networks.

Due to the precarious operating conditions due to the state of calamity currently facing the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the TRF4 procedural deadlines are suspended until May 10th. For now, the regional body is operating on an on-call basis only for cases considered urgent.

Since Sunday (05), due to the continuous advance of water through the capital, the Court's buildings have been closed, as well as the disconnection of the electrical network that feeds the datacenter, a physical location that stores computing machines, for the preservation and integrity of the equipment.

Due to the situation, there is also no provision for restarting the eproc procedural system, which allows the processing, movement and control of first and second degree cases of jurisdiction.

“We are working to ensure that the return to in-person work in the affected regions and the normalization of services occurs as soon as possible. However, there is no estimated deadline, because it depends on improving weather conditions and reducing flood levels. TRF4 thanks everyone for their understanding”, informed the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region.

Currently, TRF4 is offering services to the public through a virtual counter, between 1pm and 6pm. In-person service at the unit remains suspended.

Rains in Rio Grande do Sul

According to data updated by the Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul, there are already 90 deaths, 132 missing and 361 injured in the state due to the heavy rains that hit the region.

This past Monday (6), in a decree published in an extra edition of the Official Gazette, the City of Porto Alegre ordered water rationing and restricted the use of the resource in the municipality while the flood that hits the region prevents the regularization of the service.

Since the beginning of last week, heavy rains have affected around 388 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul. According to meteorologists, the storms are expected to continue for the next few days.

Source: CNN Brasil

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