Lavrov: ‘Legal targets’ are convoys carrying military equipment

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“Sanctions are making us stronger,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview Friday morning, stressing that Russia would survive them and adjust its economy.

“We have lost any illusions that we can rely on the West,” he said, adding that the United States wanted “a monopoly world, or even a saloon, to give them orders.” But as he stressed “there are many countries that do not want to take orders from ‘Uncle Sam'”.

He also said that it was not Russia that was closing the door to the West: “They are closing the door on us.”

The Russian foreign minister said Moscow’s main goal was to “remove any threat to Russia from Ukrainian territory.”

Asked about the media coverage of the war in Ukraine, Lavrov said: “There is no ‘independent Western media'” and clarified that “Russia is a small player in the world information. USA, Britain and Europe. are the big players “.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that any foreign convoys with supplies of military equipment to Ukraine would be considered “legitimate targets” for Russian strikes. “It is clear why we are carrying out the operation, the aim of which is to eliminate any threat to the Russian Federation coming from the Ukrainian soil,” Lavrov said in an English-language interview with RT television.

Source: Capital

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