Lawmakers call for investigation of Piquet over racist remarks about Hamilton

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The PSOL bench in the Chamber of Deputies presented to the Federal Public Ministry of the Federal District a complaint against former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet for calling the current Formula 1 world champion a “neguinho”.

During an interview with journalist Ricardo Oliveira in November last year, Nelson Piquet used the term considered racist several times. In an official note, the former pilot apologized for the statements.

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On Friday (1st), however, another excerpt from the interview began to circulate on the networks, in which Piquet says: “The neguinho [Hamilton] should be giving more c*”.

Parliamentarians ask for an inquiry to be opened to investigate the former pilot’s speech.

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“If the illegalities in the non-compliance with legal/constitutional dictates are verified, that the appropriate administrative, civil or criminal measures are taken, including the request for the opening of a police investigation with DECRIN – Special Office for Repression of Crimes for Racial, Religious Discrimination or for Sexual Orientation or Against Elderly or Disabled Persons, aiming to comply with the law and safeguard the relevant constitutional rights, to the detriment of the SR. NELSON PIQUET SOUTO MAIOR, among others who may be involved.”

The deputies still ask that “collective moral damage” produced by the statements be recognized.

After the repercussion of the case, Piquet said, in a note released on June 29, that the term is used in a “colloquial” way.

“I would never use the word I was accused of in some translation. I strongly condemn any suggestion that the word was used by me with the aim of belittling a pilot for the color of his skin. Heartfelt apologies to everyone affected, including Lewis, who is an amazing driver.”

*Posted by Renan Porto

Source: CNN Brasil

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