Lawyer John Deaton, who defends the interests of cryptocurrency companies and XRP owners, was sharply criticized by Ripple maximalists for owning Bitcoin.

John Deaton said that one of the XRP supporters was angry with him after learning that the lawyer had Bitcoin. He became so angry that he demanded that his name be removed from the list of 75,000 XRP holders supporting Ripple in a legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The offended user does not want to be represented by a “stupid lawyer who owns Bitcoin.” According to the logic of XRP maximalists, Deaton does not respect the Ripple community if he holds bitcoins.

The lawyer responded to the caustic comments of users, emphasizing the importance of Bitcoin for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem: the Bitcoin exchange rate has a huge impact on the cryptocurrency market. If the first cryptocurrency continues to grow, this will open up growth prospects for other altcoins, including Ripple. Deaton noted that he owns both BTC and XRP, and is not going to be a maximalist of any one coin, because both of them can succeed.

“Every XRP holder should hope that Bitcoin will rise. Why? Because this is what happens before any altcoin rises. XRP has not separated from Bitcoin. This is a fact, no matter how much you hate Bitcoin. I have a lot of XRP, but the joy of Bitcoin’s rise does not indicate disdain for Ripple. I reject maximalism in relation to any coin,” Deaton wrote on the social network X.

Let us recall that in September the International Congress of Blockchain Legal Advisers (ICBLA) awarded John Deaton for protecting the interests of cryptocurrency companies and awarded him a cash prize in the amount of $5,000.