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Leaders of Athens against Ankara for instrumentalizing the refugee-immigrant issue – The reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

By Dimitris Gatsiou

Mydros of Athens against Ankara on the refugee-immigrant issue. The Greek capital abandons, among other things, the neighbor for trying to create a border issue, on the occasion of the incident with the 38 migrants in the Evros, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs positioning itself, through a strict announcement, for the aspirations of Turkey, which is once again ionizing negatively the environment in the relations of the two countries.

“The recent incident concerning the promotion of asylum seekers from Turkey to Greece in the Evros region is another attempt by Turkey to instrumentalize the migrant-refugee issue and possibly create a border issue at the same time”, said the announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which fires arrows to attempt to challenge established borders, undermining high-risk moves on Ankara’s part.

“In the face of this new attempt at the expense of our national interests, prudence and responsibility are required from all the political forces of our country, instead of an attempt to turn the issue into a field of party confrontation, by a part of the opposition”, he pointed out, in his announcement, the ministry, at a time when the tones of the political confrontation are rising to the heights, with the official opposition party escalating its attack on the government, whose officials are responding, in turn, to the positions of the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, and its MPs Koumoundourou.

Typical is, for example, the position of the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, who accused Mr. Tsipras of “minor-party blindness of his space”, adding that he adopts complaints, which slander Greece.

“Lessons of national sovereignty from the former prime minister, who does not know that there are borders in the sea, we do not accept. In the small-party blindness of his space, Mr. Tsipras does not find a single word to condemn the modern slave traders and the Turkish side that exploits unhappy people . Instead, it uncritically adopts accusations and complaints that slander Greece, the Greek police, who have saved thousands of lives. The truth is that the coordinates given by third parties to an islet in Evros are outside the Greek territory, according to an official opinion of the Geographic Service of the Greek Army and that is why the Greek Police could not operate there. When the illegal immigrants were found on Greek territory, they were rescued by the Greek Police and now all the procedures provided for by our Laws and international law are followed”, said Mr. Theodorikakos.

“This is the truth and the reality, even if Mr. Tsipras refuses to recognize it. If Mr. Tsipras wants to open the borders of Greece and for anyone to enter freely without control, as in his days, let him say so directly”, added the Minister of Citizen Protection.

Attack on the president of SYRIZA also by Mr. Pleuris. “There could be no intervention by Greece while the whole process was on Turkish soil. It was something that Turkey would definitely seek, but under no circumstances could our country intervene respecting International Law. And it is very it is sad that some people are currently leaving the country, which actually worked in an exemplary manner and with absolute respect for International Law and human rights, when people found themselves on the Greek side and all the help was provided to them”, noted (Sky) the Minister of Health.

Source: Capital

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