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Leandro Hassum compares before and after bariatric surgery: “New life”

This Wednesday (01), actor Leandro Hassum celebrated on his social networks the nine years that have passed since his bariatric surgery, showing his before and after. In 2014, the comedian underwent a procedure on his stomach, which resulted in a loss of more than 60 kg.

“Today I complete 9 years of: It lost its grace. He got old. Everyone who does it gets fat again. There’s a friend who did it and died. For what! You have such a pretty face. You’re going to do shit. BUT IT ALSO COMPLETES 9 years since I chose my health. I chose to love myself.”, he began.

In a comparison, he showed how he is currently and how he is on November 1, 2014. Although he was successful as one of the protagonists of the Brazilian version of the program “O Gordo e o Magro”, Hassum celebrated what he called “a new life ”.

“I chose to believe in my years of study. Where I learned that I am an actor because I studied and continue to study. Not because it’s out of the norm. Yes, in this hypocritical world… my “different” body served a lot and I knew how to make the most of it. But… I had beautiful people by my side saying I was important. My wife @kakahassum and daughter @pietrahassum and the angels who are a fundamental part of this change @euandremarques and @drcidpitombo eternal gratitude. Happy Birthday to me. 9 years of new life”, he concluded.

In the comments of the publication, the comedian received affection from fans and friends. “These lines say much more about the people who say them. The important thing is to be happy in your body. Congratulations!” wrote one internet user. “Hassum, you were part of my childhood playing Jorginho, I’m very happy to see you so well”, wrote another.

“Jorginho” was precisely the character played by Leandro Hassum in the program “Os Caras de Pau”, which showed the saga of two clumsy people representing the comedy series, “O Gordo e o Magro”. The other protagonist was “Pedrão”, played by Marcius Melhem.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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