Leandro Hassum: “Nobody knows I’m in ‘Despicable Me’”

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It’s been more than ten years voicing the supervillain Gru, but Leandro Hassum says that people still do not recognize him as the Brazilian voice of the character.

There are many audios, videos and contents made with the intonation of the protagonist of “Despicable Me”, which is now back in “Minions 2: Origin of Gru” .

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“I send a voice message to my friends’ children asking them to eat all the food or the Minions won’t visit them”, laughs Leandro. “When they ask to speak with the Minions, I mimic their voice, tweak the audio pitch and send it.”

With projects at Universal Pictures and Netflix Leandro Hassum says that the market is much more seductive nowadays for the audiovisual professional.

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“I come from a place of comfort, I spent 21 years at a station where I did really cool work,” he says. “But it’s great to work with the director you want and tell the story you want without asking permission.”

At the end of the chat, Leandro Hassum still gave advice to actors who are now entering the job market. Watch the full interview in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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