Lega lawyer and councilor shoots and kills immigrant

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Massimo Adriatici, a lawyer and Lega municipal councilor, shot dead a 39-year-old Moroccan immigrant in a square in the town of Voguera, near the town of Pavia.

Adriatici is now under house arrest and is accused of excessive self-defense. The judge in charge of the preliminary investigation, however, will have to decide whether, in the event, the municipal councilor of Salvini’s party should be charged, in the end, with a more serious offense.

Adriatici said he “accidentally shot” while he was falling because the victim pushed him and threatened him with a bottle. Eyewitnesses, however, said that a few seconds before the shooting, they did not see the life of the councilor in danger. The 39-year-old was unarmed and, according to the newspaper La Repubblica, he had quarreled and perhaps annoyed the inhabitants of Voguera, always in the same square.

In the past, according to the press, the killer had proposed the forced removal of the homeless from the historic center of his city.

His party secretary, Matteo Salvini, defended him and stressed via the internet: “There are no cowboys in Voguera. What probably happened is an act of self-defense. There are no civilians who are in possession of weapons and are shooting in the streets. “But in the event of an attack, as a last resort, defense is always legal.”

From the opposite bank of the political scene, Enrico Letta, secretary of the center-left Democratic Party, replies: “What happened will be determined by the police and the judiciary. No one should replace them. But we must do something: Ask the common people to stop gun ownership. “Only carabinieri and police officers should carry weapons.”

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