Legal euthanasia, the progress of the law and the referendum

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500 thousand signatures are needed for the Referendum Legal Euthanasia. So far 45 thousand have arrived which are not enough. For this reason, the Luca Coscioni Association started the first national mobilization, with hundreds of tables throughout Italy, from Thursday 9 to Monday 12 July. The referendum aims to partially repeal the criminal law that prevents the introduction of legal euthanasia in Italy.

Filomena Gallo, Secretary of the Luca Coscioni Association, explained to Vanity Fair. “We have filed a referendum question for the repeal of a part of article 579 which concerns the murder of the consenting party and to be able to arrive in Italy to be able to affirm that right to freedom of choice for the sick that leads them to choose euthanasia” .

The proposal would allow active euthanasia in a much wider form. There is time until September 30 for the collection of signatures, the possible vote would be in 2022 after the scrutiny of the Constitutional Court.

There have been firm bills in Parliament for years. This week the Justice Committee of the Chamber approved the basic text of the new law on euthanasia which brings together the proposals presented over the years. In favor of Pd, M5S, Leu, Iv, Action and + Europe. All the center-right is contrary.

“It is the first sign of life almost three years after the first recall of the Constitutional Court, reaffirmed a year later on the occasion of the Cappato-Dj Fabo rulingThe promoters of the referendum explained. The text aims to regulate the end of life with euthanasia which so far is only allowed in a few cases thanks to the sentence of the Constitutional Court of 2019.

On the basis of this ruling in Italy you can help a person in the end of life if the person has an irreversible pathology that causes unbearable suffering. The person must be able to decide freely and must be kept alive by supportive treatments.

Both the decision of the Consulta and the text of the Justice Commission, which follows it by introducing a commission to examine the requests, exclude patients who are not kept alive by life-sustaining treatments and do not allow active euthanasia from aid for voluntary death. by the doctor at the request of the patient. Cancer patients could not ask for it. In order to have a law that includes this according to the promoters, the referendum.

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