Lena Dunham and body positivity: “Nobody would like to see a close-up shot of my waistline”

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Close to her 35th birthday, scheduled for May 13, the American screenwriter, author and actress Lena Dunham has decided to break the veil of body positivity. The opportunity to speak very frankly about a trend at first sight appreciable, namely the one devoted to the acceptance of bodies of any weight, shape and size, is the launch of the new collection created for 11 Honoré, with clothing by sizes strong. Interviewed by «New York Times», Lena Dunham makes it known that she cannot tolerate the definitions «plus size», «curvy» and «body positivity».

Because? Here is the point of view of a young woman outspoken.

How the concept of body positivity has changed
«The least edifying aspect of the body positivity movement is that it has become a communication tool reserved for a privileged few, whose body corresponds exactly to what people believe and want to be” positive “. We want curvy bodies that look like Kim Kardashian’s sculpted one. We want big and beautiful backsides and equally prosperous and beautiful breasts, with no trace of stretch marks and cellulite and with faces that could be glued on the silhouette of any thin woman ». A derivation of the original concept of “body positivity” due no doubt to themisuse of the slogan by many star active on Instagram. Lena Dunham then returned attention to her particular case, to make her point clearer: «I have a prominent bacon, always. And because of my premature menopause problems, as soon as I gain weight, my abdomen becomes heavy. Well, I’m sure no one would want to see a close-up shot of my waistline on Instagram“. (Sharable) controversy aside, Lena Dunham hopes to do her small part by proposing truly inclusive and versatile clothes. Also because, as she points out in the same interview, she categorically refuses to wear corsets, pantyhose and support bras to look slimmer. This is «body positivity»!

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