Lena Dunham launches her fashion collection. And it’s plus-size

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It is only five pieces there capsule collection launched by Lena Dunham together with the e-commerce site size inclusive, 11 Honoré. But there are five dresses that give a strong message to the entire fashion industry: breaking down the barriers that women give large sizes are still very often faced, especially in retail.
The American actress, screenwriter and director, born in 1986, knows what she’s talking about: “I was a size 4 on the red carpet and a size 16, I wish I could say that the experience of dressing up was the same, but that’s not the case “.

He wrote it in the Instagram post announcing his new plus-size clothing line, which debuts this week.

It is not the first time that the writer and director of the iconic TV series Girls – whose first season earned her the Golden Globe – has launched into social battles, but this time the target is the still too elitist universe of fashion. «They express themselves too many reviews on plus-size bodies and I think one of them is that plus size women are dumber – Dunham explains – They eat too much and don’t know how to stop. Thin women are able to use their willpower, as opposed to chubby ones who instead have to be limited in their understanding of the world and keep doing things that hurt. “

It took a long time but after several years of complicated relationships with the body and yo-yo diets due to recurring medical and emotional problems, the actress, director, activist and now also fashion designer has decided to make the feminist battle her own. of the body positivy and fight forinclusiveness and the representation of non-conforming bodies. «Being curvy is something to celebrate, not simply to manage, it is not a problem to be repaired or covered up, but it is a beautiful demonstration of having a lot to give – he added -. It took me a long time, but I love the fact that my body tells a story. And it’s my story, so and I have no intention of spending my life apologizing. On the contrary, I will celebrate it with clothes that say: ‘Here I am’ ».

So here is that the new line, created with the Design Director of e-tailer Danielle Williams Eke on original prints inspired by the work of Carroll Dunham, the father of the neo-designer, is composed of a printed dress, a yellow shirt, a tank top, a gonna it’s a blazer, named after places in SoHo, the area of ​​Manhattan where Dunham grew up. Prices? They go from 80 to 220 euros circa.

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