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Lenor and the art of laundry: the exclusive event in collaboration with Vanity Fair

An exclusive appointment, such an exceptional guest Ilary Blasi and the universe Lenor to be discovered in its suggestive fragrances. During the event in Rome in collaboration with Vanity Fair, we accompanied a highly selected audience to discover the olfactory pyramids of each fabric softener and the technology behind each of them.

What better opportunity, than through a dedicated masterclass, to discover how the research and development process of Lenor technology takes place? Moderated by the team of Vanity Fairthe masterclass was preceded by a unique experience of its kind: four consumers and one male – winners of a national contest launched by Lenor – had the extraordinary opportunity to be the protagonists of a photo shoot whose styling was taken care of by the team of Vanity Fair.

The five consumers of Lenor with ambassador Ilary Blasi.


From the photo shoot to the masterclass, the event subsequently saw the interaction of consumers with three protagonists. First of all, the anticipated and most awaited guest of the event: ambassador Ilary Blasi revealed how Lenor fragrances evoke in her not only the feeling of freshness and cleanliness, but also memories of her childhood and specific moments of the seasons, such as the arrival of summer.

Ilary Blasi ambassador of Lenor.

Ilary Blasi, Lenor ambassador.


The content creator Elen Ellis was also a co-protagonist of the masterclass panel, which confirmed how the suggestions of one’s olfactory memory are fundamental in the choice to purchase Lenor fabric softener. Amarcord moments of laundry “as only mum can do it” have resurfaced by exploring the ingredients that make up the formulation of each product through the use of smell.

Lenor's masterclass moderated by Vanity Fair with ambassador Ilary Blasi.

Lenor’s masterclass moderated by Vanity Fair, with ambassador Ilary Blasi.


Daniela Cappello’s speech was of great scientific support to the masterclass, Corporate Scientific Communication Director of P&G, who highlighted two of the great strengths of Lenor products. First of all, the softness of the garments after washing and drying: a fundamental guarantee, which affects the subconscious effects that clothes can have on self-perception, thinking and mood.

Softness is also essential to best preserve the garments, e.g some of Lenor’s research has demonstrated how its technology protects clothes from the signs of aging: color fading, formation of so-called “balls” and loss of shape. Lenor’s anti-aging technology, which required three years of development by researchers, ensures that the emollient agents do not aggregate together (with the risk of depositing on the fibers trapping the perfume molecules), but rather that they are distributed in uniformly leaving the perfume molecules completely free. The fibers are also preserved because Lenor fabric softener lubricates them during rinsing, preventing them from abrading against each other (one of the main causes of fabric aging).

Ilary Blasi discovering Lenor's olfactory pyramids.

Ilary Blasi discovering Lenor’s olfactory pyramids.


The masterclass then continued with its most interactive and experiential part. The olfactory pyramids of six Lenor fragrances: Capri, Spring Awakening, Portofino, Gold and Vanilla Flowers, Scarlet Jasmine, Pink Amethyst. For each one, Daniela Cappello invited us to recognize the top notes (the most volatile), the heart (the most powerful) and the base notes (with great persistence). From the pure product through the essential oils to the dry fabric washed with Lenor, the experience ended by reawakening the olfactory memory of those present, especially that of the more daring ones who chose to smell the fragrances, isolating the sense of sight through use of a bandage. A unique experience, which confirmed a great certainty: doing laundry is a true art.

Source: Vanity Fair

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