Lepen talks about her foreign policy

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“Divorce” with Germany, exit from the NATO administration and closer relations with Russia after the war, is the vision of Marin Le Pen.

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It is a tradition in France to maintain a stable foreign policy. “But with a president, Marin Le Pen, we will have the big upset,” she warned the French in a press conference yesterday on diplomacy and foreign policy.

First goal the closest. Neighboring Germany … Divorce in view! Marin Lepen accuses her of “discreet and skillful hegemony in Europe, but proven destructive”.

He agrees with the reconciliation of the two countries after the wars, but refuses to follow with “closed eyes” a Macron-Merkel model. “I will not let Germany destroy French industry,” he said, adding that there was no question of a German position on the UN Security Council.

Equal distance policy

Following in the footsteps of General de Gaulle, he will remove France from NATO military command. In addition, after the end of the war in Ukraine, he will fight for “a strategic approach between NATO and Russia because, as he said, nothing will be more dangerous” than a Russia-China approach “.

For Europe, he has repeatedly stressed that he wants France to stay, but intends to change it from within. The aim is, among other things, to recognize the supremacy of national constitutions over Brussels decisions.

Throughout her speech, Marine Le Pen stressed that the main goal that will guide her steps will be “the defense of the national interest”, as well as “the restoration of France’s unique position as a great power in the world”. .

Based on “reciprocity” in partnerships, the triptych of values ​​on which it will base its foreign policy is: “Independence, equal distance and stability”.

Olympia Tsipira, Paris

Source: Deutsche Welle

Source: Capital

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