Home Top News Less than 100,000 new coronavirus cases in India

Less than 100,000 new coronavirus cases in India


Less than 100,000 are the new cases of coronavirus in India, a huge number but at the same time very low for the data of the country, which some time ago recorded four times more infections.

The Federal Ministry of Health of India announced today that in the previous 24 hours another 2,219 patients with COVID-19 and 92,596 cases of SARS-CoV-2 were confirmed.

The official account of the pandemic of the young coronavirus has so far reached 353,528 deaths – a day after exceeding the limit of 350,000 deaths – in a total of almost 29.1 million cases.

Experts have repeatedly pointed out that consider the data undervalued published by the Ministry of Health, as reminded by AMPE.

India has the third highest pandemic death toll and the second highest number of infections worldwide.



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