Letizia Ortiz, Sofia of Sweden and Kate Middleton: life before becoming royal

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Meghan Markle, before marrying Prince Harry, was an actress. Kate Middleton, future queen of England, before her wedding with William he worked in the marketing sector of his parents’ company (an event management company). The Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge are certainly no pioneers. Many European “bourgeois princesses”, before getting married and devoting themselves to institutional commitments, did other jobs. One of the first commoner sovereigns (after Grace of Monaco) was Silvia of Sweden. Born as Silvia Renata Sommerlath, the 75-year-old queen was 29 and he was an interpreter when he met Gustavo in 1972 of Sweden. Galeotte was the Munich Olympics where she was hired as a hostess. The wedding with the sovereign, from which three children will be born, took place on June 19, 1976 in the Stockholm Cathedral.

Sofia Kristina Hellqvist, 34, before meeting Prince Charles Philip of Sweden, was waitress, saleswoman, underwear model e showgirl. She wasn’t a porn star as it is often wrongly written and said, however he had participated in Paradise Hotel, a decidedly spicy reality show recorded in America. His trashy past on the small screen – in Vegas, in particular, the future Sofia of Sweden had kissed the famous pornstar Jenna Jameson – had made many turn up their noses. 13 June 2015 she went to the altar with “her” prince, with whom she had three children. And over the years it has been able to acquire the savoir faire that befits a true royal. The story of Mette-Marit of Norway, another future queen. The 48-year-old Norwegian was one rebellious punk, single mom, ex-partner of a drug dealer when she met Crown Prince Haakon at a music festival.

Maxima of Holland, born in Buenos Aires in 1971, daughter of an Argentine minister, when in 1999 she met Guglielmo Alessandro era consultant for a financial company in Seville. The future bridegroom he introduced himself simply as “Alexander”, remaining vague about his job as a crown prince. When she confessed, Maxima burst out laughing. He didn’t believe it. On February 2, 2002 the wedding. On April 30, 2013, when her husband took the throne, Maxima became the only queen of Holland born outside the European continent. Princess Mary of Denmark, born in Tasmania on February 5, 1972, was instead one marketing manager: she met Prince Fredwrik in 2000 in a Sydney pub and married him in Vor Frue Kircke on May 14, 2004. She will become the first Danish queen of Australian descent.

Mathilde of Belgium, when he met the then heir to the throne Philip, was a speech therapist. She worked until 1999, when she got married and became a crown princess. Since 21 July 2013, the day on which the sovereign Albert II abdicated by giving the crown to his son, she has been the sovereign of Belgium. The case of the queen is also famous Letizia of Spain: in 2003, when he fell in love with the then Prince Felipe, era one of the most famous half-lengths della Televisión Española. On October 31, 2003, he hosted his last newscast.

Charlene Wittstockinstead she moved from the swimming pool to the principality of Monaco. Born in South Africa, class of 1978, she is the daughter of a textile entrepreneur and a swimmer. Raised on bread and sports, she is aformer Olympic swimming champion (fifth at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, in the 4 × 100 relay). In 2011 she married Prince Albert of Monaco, becoming a princess.

Among the commoner men were both two sportsmen, finally, either Mike Tindall, happy spouse of Zara Phillips, former captain of the England rugby team, both the husband of Princess Victoria of Sweden, Daniel Westing, former gym teacher. At the beginning King Charles XVI opposed the bond of his daughter destined one day to succeed him with that personal trainer who came from the center of the country, the family of the petty bourgeoisie and no connection with the establishment. Nine years after the wedding, Daniel today perfectly embodies the role of companion, father and prince consort attentive and never out of place, much loved by his subjects.

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