Letter from RIS to the suppliers for the subsidy of the accounts

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The Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas, sent a letter to the electricity suppliers regarding the subsidy of the electricity bills. As mentioned, in order to maintain high prices in the wholesale market, it is advisable to update the guidelines in order to achieve the smooth implementation of the subsidy.

Specifically, according to the letter, the beneficiaries of the subsidy are all consumers connected to the low voltage, including the beneficiaries of special tariffs (CTO, TYA).

The subsidy is provided for the consumption of the months of September, October, November and December, 2021 period which can be extended depending on the conditions in the international markets but also the Greek one.

The subsidy for consumers who are contracted with floating supply tariffs, which include adjustment clauses related to the wholesale market price, the unit subsidy is set for the month of September at 30 euros / MWh, in October at 60 euros / MWh excluding the beneficiaries. and TYA for which the subsidy is set at 80 euros / MWh. For the months of November and December, the unit subsidy is set at 130 euros / MWh except for the beneficiaries of CTO and TYA for whom the subsidy is set at 150 euros / MWh.

For consumers who are contracted on tariffs without adjustment clauses, the unit subsidy is set for the entire period of application of the measure at 20 euros / MWh.

The grant is awarded for the first 300 Kwh each month (310 Kwh for the months with 31 days).

The revised grants are calculated for each beneficiary as the product of the monthly priced electricity consumption up to the consumption limits of 300 Kwh and are applied to the accounts, against or settlement on a case-by-case basis, issued within the month of November onwards and covering consumption periods in the period of application of the measure. The accounts also include the subsidy for the period of application of the measure and has not been calculated in the accounts issued at an earlier date. The subsidy must be provided to the accounts if they include a charge for the adjustment clause.

The grant is made by the respective supplier representing the consumer. The exact amount of the grant should be shown as a discrete credit in the accounts, in the field of competing charges under the heading “Energy Transition Fund Credit”

The suppliers must send the beneficiaries of the subsidy by November 30 to the Energy Directorate of RIS, to RAE, to DAPEEP and to the distribution network manager detailed information on the number of Low Voltage customers that were contracted with them on August 31, 21 the number of beneficiaries CTO A and B and TYA, as well as the estimated amounts to be subsidized per category of low voltage customers based on the maximum subsidized limit and the corresponding consumption of these benefits during the last four months of the previous year.

The credit process will be carried out on the basis of the shares of XT customers and separately from the respective shares of CTO customers of each electricity supplier on August 31, 2021 and is expected to take place by the end of this year.

In the event that a supplier grants an additional discount in addition to the state subsidy, it also discerns the additional amount in the field of competing charges.

The letter concludes by pointing out that with the JMC to be issued in the near future, more specific issues will be defined regarding the determination of the eligible consumers of the subsidy for the billed electricity consumption from the Energy Transition Fund, the amount of the subsidy in euros per megawatt hour, the way and time of grant, clearance time, period of consumption, ceilings and thresholds of consumption, the process of granting credit to suppliers and any other relevant issues related to the grant.


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