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Letter of P. Polakis to the prosecutor of the Supreme Court

Letter of P. Polakis to the prosecutor of the Supreme Court

A letter to the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Mr. V. Pliotas, is sent today by the Member of Parliament for Chania of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, pr. Deputy Minister of Health and now if. Head of Transparency of the Administrative Action of the Parliamentary Group of the party, Pavlos Polakis. In his letter, P. Polakis asks Mr. Pliotas to proceed immediately to disciplinary control and punishment of the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance, Mr. Andreou Or, for the following two reasons:

1. For violation of articles 61 & 62 of the Constitution, which clearly stipulate that a Member of Parliament is not called to an apology, nor is he prosecuted unless permission or lifting of immunity by the Greek Parliament. Ignorance of the law, especially by a prosecutor, is neither accepted nor tolerated.

2. For the assignment of the preliminary investigation of the said case to the “Security Department of the state and the democratic regime” of the Security Directorate of Attica, as if the regime is endangered by a member of the Greek Parliament! (or by the journalist Costas Vaxevanis, who was also summoned by the same department for the same lawsuit).

In the epilogue of the letter, Pavlos Polakis states that he is waiting to receive the official revocation of his illegal, unconstitutional and junta-inspired summons to an irregular deposition, since, of course, the relevant press release of the head of the Athens Prosecutor’s Office speaks of “inadvertence “, is not an administrative act.

On the same subject, the MP of Chania notes that the said prosecutor, as it appears from publications, has a special “history” of cases in which he prosecutes or files (obviously by accident and inadvertently…). This history, emphasizes Pavlos Polakis, confirms in my eyes and in my logic, that the above call he received was not “wrong” but has deeper causes.

Finally, addressing publicly to the Speaker of Parliament Mr. Tassoulas, the Member of Parliament for SYRIZA-PS. Stresses the need to formally request from the Parliament the disciplinary control of Mr. Andreos, in order, as he explained to them in their lively meeting, to preserve first and foremost the prestige of the Greek Parliament and not to repeat such a “mistake” “, neither in the near nor in the distant future.


Source From: Capital



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