Letter to the president: what the LGBTQIAP+ community expects from the Lula government

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How much do you renew your political expectations after an election?

I confess that this year’s was more intense than the last ones. First, because I am a journalist and at that time I was part of a news channel that breathes politics, the CNN Brazil . That makes me very proud.

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But there’s also the fact that he’s a gay cis man who yearns for advancements in the most different sectors for our LGBTQIAP+ community.

There is still a little more than a month to go before the new president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) occupies the post of president of Brazil again.

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But we have urgencies and that’s why in today’s column I invited three great institutes that fight for us LGBTI+ to show us what we can no longer wait for.

What would you ask of the new government today?

“In education, we want schools to be a welcoming place, without violence and without discrimination, applying law 13185/2014, which provides for a multidisciplinary team in each school to deal with cases of violence and discrimination.”

Who starts, therefore, with education, is the president director of the National LGBTI+ Alliance Toni Reis. For years, the Alliance has been working to defend human rights and community citizenship.

“In health, we want the AIDS program to resume, which is a reference for the whole world”

“In culture, we want actions that benefit us, a culture of peace, a culture without discrimination. In public security, awareness and training of police officers to protect all people, including LGBTI+ and employability is very important, we need to train our community and sensitize employers, companies to respect the LGBTI+ community”

The list of needs is long, but they all point to the same path, which is to be increasingly included in society. We want nothing more than our right.

Speaking of live, we can’t forget that we don’t have any law passed by Congress that defends us. A lot of people don’t know, even people from the community itself, but everything we’ve achieved so far has come from the STF – Federal Supreme Court through jurisprudence.

So, with the entry of another legislative cycle, starting next year, we must also look at laws that embrace us.

“What we want from the new president is that he could look at our population in a very specific way. [Pessoas trans]first to defend the inviolability of our lives”

Who asks for the basics, the right to exist, is the president of ANTRA – National Association of Transvestites Keila Simpson, a trans woman who has campaigned for the rights of transgender people for decades.

The first request on the long list is to guarantee life, as she and thousands of other trans people live in a country that kills the most transvestites in the world.

“It is necessary to design effective public policy actions that will eradicate this violence and murders and the right of trans people to come and go, to circulate quietly, we have seen that today trans people are still prohibited from accessing public restrooms, our claim it was never a unisex bathroom, but it was always that people could access public bathrooms according to their gender identity and there is no other debate about that”, explains the president of ANTRA, Keila Simpson

For Keila Simpson, what also needs to be on the agenda for the coming years is the resumption of spaces for debate and social control, the famous councils and the signs of an LGBT conference, which has not taken place for seven years.

We cannot forget that we are also going to face a conservative congress in this new political cycle. As a result, more progressive agendas should suffer more difficulties to be discussed.

And that is precisely what the Brazilian Association of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and intersex people will be on top of.

“We can’t give up, there will be three nominations for the STF if I’m not mistaken, which are nominations from people in this field, a field of defense of human rights, for democracy, with a trajectory of defense of life” explains Symmy Larrat, president of ABGLT

We don’t want much, but we want what is rightfully ours.

Source: CNN Brasil

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