Levante becomes a mother: she will be the first child with her boyfriend Pietro Palumbo

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Levante will be a mother. And the announcement of the songwriter and writer’s first pregnancy is a beautiful (love) letter to the child to come. «June started in chaos, so you threw yourself headlong into the presentation of And this heart does not lie that took you around Italy, to television studios, radios, to the homes of people who had the desire to hear (and read) this story “, he writes via Instagram, “Summer has arrived in the midst of a gigantic fright, the missing voice, the vocal cords and congenital cysts, phoniatrics and speech therapy all (four days before the start of the live shows)”.

“No fear: the tour has started and the magic has happened”, he continues, “You have crossed Italy and there has never been a stage that has ever stopped you, jumping supported by dizzying heights, between guitars and keyboards, drums and bass, dancing with the microphone wire, sometimes rhythmic gymnastics ribbon, sometimes lasso to capture the emotions to be thrown to the public. And when July ended it was August time, in the torrid heat of your roots, still around in the music, a dip in the sea and again ready on the van to start singing, playing, dancing, “volooohooh” again ».

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«In between the photos, the poses, the photographic sets, the collaborations, Carmen and her arena, the news and August goes away, that September is the beginning of the year and we dreamed of nothing but this. Venice is beautiful, like the first time. A turn and the tour ends but not before the first film set, the dressing rooms like the real ones. Now you are studying for a soundtrack, a new record and an avalanche of life in between. What do you think of life from there? Because all this you did in just five months curled up in my womb, but when you come to light I will give you the world».

At his side, for about two years, there is Pietro Palumbo. Lawyer, Sicilian, far from the world of entertainment. Levante talked about their relationship, lived as far away from the spotlight as possible, in an interview. «I am in love and I am in a very happy phase of my life. I have had a boyfriend for a few months. It’s good to be in love. Love doesn’t have to be tiring “, he had told a year and a half ago, and then added:” He is not part of the entertainment world, he is from my island, a Sicilian, and has blue eyes. “

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The first important story after the farewell to Diodato. The two had been together for two years, since 2017. A discreet farewell, theirs, in the name of a privacy that is always protected.

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