LG and Apple Agree: LG Will Start Selling iPhones in Its Stores Despite Backlash

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Fresh news indicates that LG Electronics ultimately decided to start selling Apple iPhones in its hundreds of LG Best stores across South Korea, despite criticism from other retailers, Samsung and authorities.

Reports also emerged that LG and Apple had previously reached a compromise agreement on iPhone sales at LG Best stores across South Korea. Apple first approached LG regarding the possibility of using the LG Best chain of stores to sell iPhones when it became known that LG was withdrawing from the smartphone market. Ultimately, both companies will benefit from such an arrangement.

LG Electronics recently announced its retirement from the smartphone market, while selling unreleased phones to South Korean employees at ridiculous prices. In mid-June, it became known that LG was going to sell iPhones and other Apple products in its retail stores. 400 LG Best Shop will enable the company to generate significant additional revenue.

LG’s decision to start selling Apple devices in its physical stores was opposed by small and midsize distributors who said it would pose a threat to their business. In addition, LG faced resistance from the National Association of Distributors. However, this did not stop the company.

In addition to iPhone smartphones, the company also plans to sell smart watches Apple Watch and iPad tablets, but there is no talk about Macbook and other Apple products yet. Interestingly, LG stores will not offer after-sales support, so customers will have to repair their devices elsewhere.

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