LGBTQIA+ refugees are more subject to trafficking and exploitation, says expert

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In an interview with CNN radio, in CNN in Plural, human rights consultant Alexandre Leal argued that the situation of LGBTQIA+ refugees – both in general and those from the Ukraine war – is even more vulnerable.

The expert explained that Russia has been the Eastern European country that “has led an offensive against the rights of the LGBT population”, especially after the implementation of the anti-propaganda law, in which sexual and gender diversity content in films, advertisements and even in schools are prohibited.

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“Poland in 2019 and Hungary in 2020 adopted similar laws,” he added.

According to him, the moment of war brings relative hope to the Ukrainian LGBTQIA+ community, since “it is natural that when an entire country turns against the offensive, that the ideology is repelled, that it seeks to distance itself from the anti-LGBT ideology of Russia. ”

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“To reach Eastern Europe, refugees have to pass through Hungary and Poland, which are less inclusive of gender-diverse minorities,” he said.

Alexandre also highlighted that the LGBTQIA+ population is more vulnerable in these situations of armed conflict and flight from the country: “They feel the need to hide their identity or adopt alternative routes, which leave them exposed to trafficking, exploitation and abuse.”

“Although countries are being opened to the exodus, the difficult thing is to get there, go through these places to reach the final destination”, he pondered.

Source: CNN Brasil

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