Liakoulis (Mr. K.O. PASOK-KINAL): The government no longer has any legitimacy

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“”JUSTIFICATION! The nostalgics of the dark ages came back stronger, but failed. Nikos Androulakis, with faith in the principles of Democracy and Transparency, managed to expose them. Today he is vindicated. The government’s political responsibilities for the interception of the PASOK leader’s phone, despite systematic efforts to deliberately downplay the matter, could not remain in the dark. The power of the truth and the institutional treatment of the issue, strengthened! Unbelievable and shocking political developments, after the resignation of the Secretary General of the Government, Mr. Dimitriadis and the head of the EYP, Mr. Kontoleontos, “front line” figures of the Government. Now the last “fig tree” has fallen,” says the Secretary of the PASOK-KINAL Parliamentary Group, Evangelia Liakoulis, in her post on Social Media.

“After the latest developments, the Government has no legitimacy. The struggle of PASOK, the authentic faction that was associated with the Democracy in the country and always fought against the forces of darkness, will continue, with the power of the Greek people to guide us. ..” concludes E. Liakoulis in her post.

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Source: Capital

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