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LibreTube 0.9.0

LibreTube 0.9.0

libretube is a third-party client for YouTube with a nice design, built-in SponsorBlock and the ability to download videos. YouTube has an extremely invasive privacy policy that relies on using user data in unethical ways. They store a lot of your personal data – from ideas, musical taste, content, political views, and everything else you think about.

This project aims to improve user privacy by being independent from Google and bypassing their data collection.

Therefore, the application uses the Piped API, which uses a proxy to bypass Google’s data collection and includes some other additional features.

Implemented features:

  • user accounts
  • Subscriptions
  • Custom playlists
  • Channel playlists
  • Search filters
  • SponsorBlock
  • Subtitles
  • Comments
  • Playback in a floating window

Source: Trash Box



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