Libya: Talks in Geneva on holding elections in the country are fruitless

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UN-sponsored talks between the speakers of Libya’s two rival legislatures ended without agreement on the constitutional framework that would lead to elections in the country.

“While the progress made in the three rounds of consultations in Cairo and in Geneva is significant, it remains insufficient,” UN special envoy Stephanie Williams said after three days of talks at UN headquarters in Geneva concluded.

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Two rival governments have been vying for power since March: one based in Tripoli, led by Abdelhamid Dbeiba, and the other, under Fathi Basaga, backed by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the strongman in eastern Libya. The presidential and parliamentary elections that were originally scheduled for December 2021, have been postponed indefinitely, due to the intense disagreements between the opposing sides and the armed conflicts, which are occurring more and more frequently in Tripoli.

According to Williams, the two sides still disagree on the conditions that candidates should meet in the country’s first presidential election. Libyan media reported that the main dispute concerns dual nationals and their ability to run, such as Field Marshal Haftar, who also holds US citizenship.

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Williams also addressed, among other things, the powers of the president, prime minister, cabinet and local authorities and how devolution would be achieved.


Source: Capital

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