Libyan court annuls Haftar’s candidacy in elections

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A Libyan court has ruled that General Khalifa Haftar is barred from running in next month’s presidential election, according to local media, citing the Anadolu agency.

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The Zawiya Court of First Instance accepted an appeal filed against Haftar’s candidacy and decided to exclude him from the list of candidates for the December 24 ballot, Libya Al-Ahrar TV reported.

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The court said it had decided to “accept the appeal … and annul the decision of the Supreme Electoral Commission on the candidacy of Caliph Belkassim Haftar and excluded him from the list of candidates for the presidential election”.

Last week, Libya’s Electoral Commission announced an initial list of 73 candidates for the presidency and another list of 25 candidates excluded from the presidency, including Saif al-Islam, son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. .

Libyans hope the upcoming elections will help end an armed conflict that has plagued the oil-rich country for years.

Just yesterday, Libyan court rejects application for caretaker PM Abdul Hamid Dbeiba for the presidential election. The decision is “final and can not be appealed,” his lawyer said.

Earlier, over the weekend, the permanent military court in Misrata sentenced Khalifa Haftar to death in absentia on Thursday for the bombing of Misrata Air Defense College in 2019 and the killing of a Libyan Army soldier following attacks by a military plane under the command of Haftar’s forces.

Petros Kranias

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Source From: Capital

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