“Life in front of oneself” by Silvio Orlando

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Per Silvio Orlando the theater remains «the refuge in the most difficult moments». In between, the cinema. Much. Two films just presented in Venice (The hidden child by Roberto Andò e Ariaferma by Leonardo di Costanzo), others in progress. But it is the stage that has been missing most in this last period. “We have now crossed the public’s eyes, but there is no elbow contact. Being able to laugh together, think together, feel those beautiful vibrations that a show gives you, hoping that the theatrical system will be able to survive this too », he says.

His latest show, interrupted due to Covid and now resumed, is taken from the text Life ahead of him from the novel by Romain Gary, published in Italy by Neri Pozza.

It tells the story of Momò, a ten-year-old Arab boy who lives in the multi-ethnic neighborhood of Belleville, in the pension of Madame Rosa, a former Jewish prostitute who now takes care of the unrecognized children of her younger “colleagues”. A novel that tells of ramshackle lives, but also a delicate love story. And the actor just read an excerpt during the delivery of the National Prize for Literature Neri Pozza, won by the Turin Pierpaolo Vettori.

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“It’s a magical novel, made up of many layers. The first concerns the coexistence between different ethnic groups, religions and the need to find a dialogue. Italy is in the midst of this historical moment and Momò represents its symbol. But reading it, an even more intimate point emerges: this child who has always been an orphan is looking for a mother and the emotions that only she carries with her. Like all of us “. From the same actor, who lost his mother at 9, to the Frenchman Gary. “He became what he was – diplomat and successful writer – just to please his mother. And I too, after his disappearance, felt that I had to do something. Being an actor comes from there, as if it were a compensation from life ».

Even after a very long career, after the many awards received: “Cinema should always be a first time».

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