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1489: The forces of the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, gain control of Almeria from the Emir of Granada.

1606: William Shakespeare’s tragedy “King Lear” premieres.

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1776: American forces under the command of George Washington defeat the British at the Battle of Trenton.

1783: The first paragliding in the world is made by Louis-Sebastian Lenorman, in Montpellier, France.

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1805: The diplomatic end of the battle of Austerlitz is written with the Treaty of Presburg, today’s Bratislava. The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation ceases to exist, after 900 years of existence. Russia withdraws from Austria and French sovereignty over the Italian peninsula is recognized.

1825: Ibrahim arrives in Messolonghi and launches operations against the city, replacing Kioutahis at the command of the local Turkish troops.

1825: December Uprising: Proponents of liberalism in Russia rise up against Tsar Nicholas I in St. Petersburg.

1860: The first recorded match in the history of football is taking place. Hallam FC faces Sheffield FC in Sheffield. Both teams are currently competing in the English amateur divisions.

1865: American James Mason receives a patent for the coffee filter.

1898: Maria and Pierre Curie announce the isolation of radio.

1906: The first feature film in the history of cinema is screened, the Australian production “The story of the Nand Kelly gang”, which cost $ 450.

1912: Negotiations in London for peace in the Balkans are suspended due to Turkey’s intransigence.

1925: Turkey adopts Gregorian Calendar.

1933: Nissan Motor Company starts operating in Tokyo.

1943: Attempted assassination of Hitler by Count Klaus von Stauffenberg fails.

1944: The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who is in Athens, participates in a meeting with the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, and the representatives of EAM at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting ends without result. The same day, a British soldier discovers a large amount of dynamite in a sewer near “Great Britain”, with which the EAM intended to blow up the historic hotel, where the British delegation had collapsed.

1949: Albert Einstein presents his theory of gravity.

1951: The School Book Publishing Organization in Greece undertakes the publication of university textbooks at low prices.

1968: Terrorist attack by two men of the Popular Liberation Front of Palestine, targeting an Israeli plane at the Hellinikon airport. The perpetrators, a 19-year-old student, Maheb Sleiman, and a 25-year-old teacher, Mahmoud Mohamed, are arrested by the Police, after first throwing their grenades at the Boeing 707 of El-Al, which is preparing to leave for Paris and New York. Israeli engineer Leon Sirdan was killed and a flight attendant was injured by the blasts of their machine guns.

1977: Dimitris Saravakos’ first appearance on the football fields with the Panionios jersey against Egaleo.

1982: “Person of the Year” by Time magazine is the… personal computer.

1990: The Romanian government deports former King Michael, just hours after his return to Bucharest, after 43 years in exile.

1991: At its last sitting, the Supreme Soviet (Soviet Parliament) adopted a resolution setting the end of the USSR.

1993: Turkey rejects the proposal of the Cypriot President, Glafkos Clerides, for demilitarization of Megalonisos, with the withdrawal of the Turkish troops and the dissolution of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot forces.

1994: In France, special security forces put an end to the hijacking of an Air France aircraft by Algerian Islamists who had executed three passengers on December 24. All four hijackers are dead.

1995: The Kalymnos Port Authority informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this in turn the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that if a tug does not intervene, the Turkish ship that ran aground in shallow waters near Eastern Imia will be in danger.

1995: The winner of the parliamentary elections in Turkey and chairman of the Islamic Prosperity Party, Necmettin Erbakan, is asking President Demirel to order the formation of a government.

1996: The Anti-Desertification Treaty enters into force by the UN.

1996: The largest strike in South Korean history is taking place. There are 1.2 million employees in the automotive sector.

2003: A magnitude 6.6 earthquake has shaken the historic city of Bam in southern Iran, killing at least 41,000 people.

2004: A strong earthquake, measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale, is off the coast of North Sumatra. The ensuing tidal waves swept the coasts of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Somalia and Tanzania, leaving 230,000 dead.


1194 – Frederick II Hohenstaufen, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

1737 – Josiah, Prince of Saxony-Coburg-Saalfeld

1780 – Mary Somerville, English mathematician, astronomer and scholar

1791 – Charles Babbage, English mathematician and engineer

1853 – Wilhelm Derpfeld, German architect

1878 – Mitsos Myrat, Greek actor

1891 – Henry Miller, American author

1893 – Mao Zedong, Chinese military and politician

1904 – Alejo Carpentier, Cuban writer

1912 – Konstantinos Konofagos, Greek politician

1913 – Vladimir Tretsikov, Russian painter

1918 – Dzu Mohele, Prime Minister of Lesotho

1918 – George Rallis, Greek politician

1924 – Girma Walde-Giorgis, Ethiopian politician

1935 – Gnasingbe Ejandema, President of Togo

1941 – Daniel Schmidt, Swiss director

1949 – Jose Ramos Orta, president of East Timor

1953 – Lionel Fernandez, Dominican politician

1953 – Thomas Hendrik Ilves, Estonian politician

1963 – Lars Ulrich, Danish drummer

1971 – Jared Leto, American actor and musician

1977 – Sofia Bekatorou, Greek sailor

1986 – Hugo Yoris, French footballer

1986 – Marina Satti, Greek singer

1986 – Keith Harrington, English actor

1989 – Johan Blake, Jamaican runner

1990 – Andy Birsack, American singer


268 – Pope Dionysius

418 – Pope Zosimos

1441 – Nicholas III of Este, Marquis of Ferrara

1458 – Arthur III, Duke of Brittany

1476 – Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan

1530 – Babur, Mongol emperor

1574 – Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine

1646 – Henry II of Bourbon, Duke of Conte

1677 – Bernard Gustav of Baden-Württemberg, German soldier

1797 – Petros Melissinos, Greek soldier

1883 – Giacomo di Chirico, Italian painter

1886 – Theodor von Oppolzer, Austrian astronomer

1890 – Henry Schliemann, German archaeologist

1923 – Dietrich Eckart, German journalist and politician

1931 – Melville Dewey, American librarian

1934 – Arsenios, Metropolitan of Larissa

1963 – Gorges George, American wrestler

1970 – Lillian Bourd, British athlete

1972 – Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States

1977 – Howard Hawks, American director

1994 – Lia Argyriadou, Greek journalist

1996 – Costas Palios, Greek actor

1997 – Cornelius Kastoriadis, Greek philosopher and economist

2000 – Jason Robards, American actor

2005 – Vincent Schiavelli, American actor

2006 – Gerald Ford, 38th President of the United States

2016 – Kyriakos Amoridis, Greek diplomat

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