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1443: Georgios Kastriotis (Gierg Kastrioti or Skanderbeg) and his forces liberate Krougia and raise the flag with the double-headed eagle on a red background.

1520: Ferdinand Magellan, crossing the strait that bears his name today, becomes the first European explorer to reach the Pacific Ocean via the Atlantic Ocean.

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1567: The first written evidence of potato imports into Europe is evidence of a potato exporter from the Canary Islands to an Antwerp trader.

1582: Playwright William Shakespeare marries 26-year-old actress Anne Hathaway at the age of 18.

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1814: The Times of London is the first newspaper to use a steam engine to print it.

1821: Panama declares independence from Spain.

1843: the United Kingdom and France recognize the Kingdom of Hawaii as an independent country.

1895: The first car race in the United States of America is taking place in Chicago.

1905: The Irish nationalist, Arthur Griffith, founded Sinn Fein as a political party, with the main goal of establishing a dual monarchy in Ireland.

1907: Louis Meyer opens his first movie theater in Massachusetts. He became the owner of the largest movie chain in New England and in 1917 founded his own production company, which after a series of mergers became part of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

1909: In France, the National Assembly introduces eight weeks postpartum for working women.

1910: Eleftherios Venizelos wins the elections, occupying 300 of the 364 seats in Parliament.

1912: Albania declares its independence from the Ottoman Empire.

1915: After the rapid advance of the Germans and the Bulgarians on Serbian territory, the king of the Serbs, Petros, took refuge with the remains of the Serbian army on the “Island of Salvation”, as the Serbs call Corfu.

1917: Snowstorm causes power outage in Athens. The roads are closed and the transportation of firewood from Tatoi for the needs of the power plant is impossible.

1925: The dictator Theodoros Pangalos, after a trial of expediency, hangs the abusers of public money, Dionysios Drakatos and Ioannis Zafeiropoulos, by hanging in Goudi in the presence of a large number of spectators. On the same day, teachers Dimitrios Glinos and Alexandros Delmouzos are expelled from the Maraslio Pedagogical Academy, as their teaching was deemed nationally harmful.

1943: The Tehran Conference between Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill is convened. The aim of the meeting is to finalize the Allied strategy for the final phase of the War. The attack in Normandy is decided for May 1944.

1944: The Communists, under Ember Hoxha, take control of Albania.

1948: The first Polaroid camera is for sale in Boston, at a price of $ 89.95.

1951: The UN-Communist peace talks in Panmunjom result in an agreement to draw a ceasefire line, roughly along the 38th geographical parallel that separates North from South Korea.

1953: The Aviation Trial is completed. Sitting in the dock are Air Force officials accused of pro-communist activities. Two are sentenced to life, six to probation and one is acquitted.

1958: Chad, the Republic of the Congo and Gabon become autonomous democracies within the French colonial empire.

1960: Mauritania gains full independence from France.

1964: NASA launches the “Mariner 4” spacecraft to Mars.

1967: Astronomers Jocelyn Bell and Anthony Hughes discover the first known pulsar in the constellation Alopix.

1967: The trial of the 41 of the Patriotic Front ends in the extraordinary military court of Thessaloniki. Two are sentenced to life in prison, 22 to sentences ranging from twenty to five years in prison and 17 acquitted.

1975: East Timor declares independence from Portugal.

1981: The monotonous system begins to be applied in the schools of our country.

1990: John Major replaces Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

1994: Norway votes ‘no’ to joining the European Union.

1999: The World Weightlifting Championships, which started on November 21 at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, are coming to an end. Greece ranks first in the overall standings with 19 medals (4 gold, 10 silver and 5 bronze).

1999: Paraguayan Jose Luis Silavert becomes the only goalkeeper in the history of world football to score a hat-trick. In the match Velez Sarsfield – Ferro Karil Oeste for the championship of the First National Division of Argentina, he scores three goals with a penalty.

2002: The European Court of Human Rights awards the amount of 13.7 million euros (4.6 billion drachmas) as compensation of the Greek State to the former King Constantine for the expropriation of the so-called royal property.

2008: The Ecumenical Patriarchate requests the resignation of Abbot Ephraim from all his responsibilities in the Vatopedi Monastery until the investigation of the case is completed.


1118 – Manuel I Komnenos, Byzantine emperor

1489 – Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland

1632 – Jean-Baptiste Lilly, Italian composer

1757 – William Blake, English poet and painter

1820 – Friedrich Engels, German philosopher

1829 – Anton Rubinstein, Russian pianist and composer

1857 – Alfonso II, King of Spain

1880 – Alexander Blok, Russian poet

1881 – Stefan Zweich, Austrian writer and journalist

1887 – Ernst Rehm, German Nazi official

1906 – Emmanuel Kriaras, Greek philologist

1907 – Alberto Moravia, Italian writer and journalist

1908 – Claude Levy-Strauss, French anthropologist

1923 – Gloria Graham, American actress

1928 – Toaripi Lauti, politician from Tuvalu

1929 – Pavlos Zannas, Greek writer

1941 – Laura Antonelli, Italian actress

1941 – Mauja Old Sind Ahmed Tayya, Moorish politician

1947 – Panagiotis Varotsos, Greek physicist

1947 – Maria Farantouri, Greek singer

1950 – Hans Fassnacht, German swimmer

1950 – Russell Alan Hulls, American physicist

1950 – Ed Harris, American actor

1953 – Ewald Linen, German footballer and coach

1960 – John Galliano, British fashion designer

1961 – Alfonso Cuarρόνn, Mexican director and screenwriter

1962 – John Stewart, American actor and television presenter

1964 – Michael Bennett, American politician

1964 – Roy Tarpley, American basketball player

1967 – Anna Nicole Smith, American actress and model

1972 – Anastasia Kelesidou, Greek discus thrower

1985 – Magdi Rouza, Hungarian singer


741 – Pope Gregory III

1118 – Philip of Toulouse, Duchess of Aquitaine

1290 – Eleanor of Castile, Queen of England

1667 – Jean de Teveno, French botanist

1680 – Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Italian sculptor

1694 – Matsuo Basho, Japanese poet

1795 – George Ventotis, Greek writer

1828 – Anthimos Gazis, Greek scholar

1831 – Charles Knowles, British Admiral

1845 – Meletius III, Patriarch of Constantinople

1852 – Emmanuel Xanthos, Greek fighter

1870 – Frederic Basil, French painter

1878 – Constantine Kontogonis, Greek theologian

1907 – Stanislaw Wispianski, Polish writer and painter

1912 – Lorentzos Mavilis, Greek poet

1917 – Mikelis Avlichos, Greek poet

1919 – Dimitrios Filippotis, Greek sculptor

1930 – Constantine VI, Patriarch of Constantinople

1937 – Pavlos Nirvanas, Greek writer

1939 – James Naismith, Canadian Basketball Inventor

1954 – Enrico Fermi, Italian physicist

1958 – Sotirios Gotzamanis, Greek politician

1962 – Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands

1968 – Edin Blyton, English writer

1974 – Konstantin Melnikov, Russian architect

1978 – Carlo Scarpa, Italian architect

1982 – Princess Eleni of Greece

1996 – Don McNeill, American tennis player

2000 – Nikolaos Anastasopoulos, Greek politician

2000 – Liane Hyde, Austrian actress

2003 – Giagos Pesmazoglou, Greek politician

2010 – Leslie Nielsen, Canadian actress

2010 – George Fountas, Greek actor

2011 – Dinos Katsouridis, Cypriot director

2014 – Lucidio Sedimenti, Italian footballer

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