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Lil Dicky’s Net Worth and his rise to becoming one of the most successful American rappers

Beginning his journey from an ad agency, to becoming one of the most famous comedic rappers in the world, David Burd has come a long way. Though his career is just taking off, Lil Dicky has surely made a lot of fortune and fame in a very short period of time while taking his net worth figure to millions.

What kind of a childhood did Lil Dicky have?

Lil Dicky, whose real name is David Andrew Burd, is an American comedian and rapper who was born on on March 15, 1988 in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. He grew up in an upper-middle-class Jewish family in Elkins Park neighborhood, and graduated summa cum laude in 2010 from University of Richmond, before moving to San Francisco, California. 

Burd was always into writing rap lyrics, and soon started using his talent in the advertising business. During his time in Goodby, Silverstein & Partners he created rap video as a presentation that impressed the company so much that they offered him to work in their creative department where he started writing ads for the NBA. 

Lil Dicky’s journey to becoming one of the most successful rappers

In his teenage years, Burd developed an interest in alternative rock and hip-hop music. With Jay-Z and NAs as his favorite artists, young Burd developed a dream of becoming a famous rapper one day, and started working on his music talent since a very young age. 

In 2011, along with working for his day job, Burd started working on his debut mixtape, that got released two years. He is one of the lucky music artists that rose to fame through YouTube. Today, he is best known for his song “Ex-Boyfriend”, which went viral on YouTube back in April 2013. Within just 24 hours, the video gained more than 1 million views. As soon as “Ex-boyfriend” became a hit, Burd’s music career started establishing

According to Burd he first began rapping “simply to get attention comedically”, so he could write movies, TV shows and act. however, soon fell in love with rapping and would not stop till he has proved his point. 

Soon after his music video “Ex-boyfriend” became popular, he started working on releasing new music and videos for album Hump days, which includes 32 songs and 15 videos. At that point, the young rapper got short on money, and in order to let his fans fund “phase 2” of his career in rap he turned to Kickstarter. Luckily, Kickstarter helped him raise more money than expected, exceeding the fundraising goal of $70,000, which helped Lil Dicky kick start the phase 2 of his music career. 

in 2014, he made his live performance debut in Philadelphia and signed a contract with the CMSN talent agency. In 2015, he released his debut studio album Professional Rapper which also got a lot of fan appraisal, ranking number one on US comedy, US Rap and US Indie charts. It ranked number two on the US R&B chart and number seven on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. 

His music video for “Pillow Talking”, released in 2017, has been reported to be one of the 50 most expensive music videos to ever be created. That very year, he acquainted fans with his alter-ego, “brain”, in the EP I’m Brain. His single “Earth,” released in 2019, is one of his most prominent projects till date featuring artists such as Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grange and Justin Bieber. 

Burd and Jeff Schafer created a TV series called Dave, which was released in March of 2020. The series introduces a fictionalized version of Burd’s life as a rapper.  

Lil Dicky’s net worth is a lot higher than you’d think

His passion and determination for comedy and music has made him a popular and well-liked artist today. According to Forbes.com, his net worth is estimated to be around $10,000,000. 

What are some popular quotes by Lil Dicky?

I care most about what rappers think about me as a rapper, and I’ve gotten a lot of praise. I think rappers understand I’m a really good rapper, and that means more to me than a random person, you know, ’cause they know what goes into making rap music. 

As a public figure, I’m always interested in being part of brands that I actually enjoy. So, I would never do something with somebody I don’t believe in, a product I don’t believe in. There are so many products out there that I love that I’d chomp at the bit to be a part of their campaign. 

You hear a lot of rap songs about spending money. I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to make a song about saving money because it’s ironic, but beyond irony, I genuinely have pride in saving money 

People see a ‘South Park’ episode, and there’s racially insensitive jokes – nobody bats an eye because they’re expecting that in that context. In hip-hop, they don’t expect that kind of thing because it’s a white person in a predominantly black world. 

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