Home Entertainment Lila Moss against taboos: at the Met Gala with the diabetes patch

Lila Moss against taboos: at the Met Gala with the diabetes patch

Lila Moss against taboos: at the Met Gala with the diabetes patch

No shame. Indeed, the intention is really wanting normalize a disease with which he must (and must) deal. Lila Grace Moss has been living with the type 1 diabetes mellitus, a pathology that keeps under control thanks to some tablets – always at hand in case of need – and two very important ones medical devices, which he carries on his side and behind his arm.

It is specifically the patch pump, an insulin pump which can deliver it up to 72 hours of file, and del digital patchwhich you can wear for 15 days in a row and which you monitor with an app on your smartphone blood glucose values, thus replacing fingerprints and glucometer. Devices which, as already demonstrated in the Milan Fashion Week last September, he has no intention of hide.

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Thus, after the fashion show of Versace and FendiLila – born in 2002 – broke the i again taboo on the occasion of Met Gala: for the famous New York appointment, the young model has chosen a nude look that he let it shine through the two applications for diabetes. She walked smiling on the red carpet next to her mother, the iconic Katepausing in front of the photographers and then reaching the main hall.

“I have these pills that I take if the sugars are lowered», Explained Lila a Vogue, showing what he’s holding in his bag. “Then I have this device that controls a pod that I have on the leg and that delivers insulin. For someone like me with diabetes, this is very important always carry it with you“.

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