Lillet: the naturally chic aperitif

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An aperitif is a ritual and above all a way of being that reflects our taste, our character, our desire to experiment. And you, you have found yours perfect aperitif? This is why a novelty has just arrived to try, made especially for us enterprising, dynamic women, who we want to express ourselves even when we choose what to drink: it’s called Lillet, was born in France, and is a drink different from all the others. First of all because there are no rules to enjoy it: the only way to do it is just the way we like it.

All thanks to a perfect balance: Lillet is a mix of fine wines and fruit liqueurs carefully selected for their delicate flavor. This suits him a sophisticated and fresh taste, makes it extremely versatile suitable to combine with both classic tonic and bubbles. Also it is low alcohol (mixed it reaches 5 ° volume in alcohol), and therefore also low in calories, does not contain artificial colors or flavors. In addition to being chic, it is also naturally good.

A unique product fruit of the brothers’ intuition Paul and Raymond Lillet than in their House with more than 100 years of history, in Pondensac (in the Bordeaux region), they changed the course of the aperitif by creating an unparalleled taste that in a short time went around the world becoming an icon. In the period following the Second World War, just exported overseas, Lillet has been the emblem of French charm and elegance in the world: it was the must for an aperitif in New York bars while the advertising posters of the artist Robert Wolff carpeted the walls of the city. In 1953, the year in which Ian Flaming’s novel was released Casino Royale, the Kina Lillet (the White Lillet) was the ingredient of James Bond’s favorite cocktail: the Vesper (which takes its name from Vesper Lynd, co-star of the story). Meanwhile, the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, introduced Lillet to high society among the most exclusive clubs and hotels in London.

Since then Lillet has never lost its charm and in Pondensac, where it continues to be produced in the distillery founded by the Lillet brothers with nine employees, its three iconic references: first of all the Lillet Blanc, the first born of the House. It has a fruity and soft taste and a floral aroma given by a mix of candied orange, honey, resin and exotic fruit made unique by an aging of several months in oak barrels. The best way to enjoy it is fresh (6-8 ° C) in a long drink with tonic and garnished with ice, cucumber, strawberries and mint. Then there is the Lillet Red, born in 1962: the Lillet from the boom years that the company created for red wine connoisseurs: ruby ​​red color, strong aroma, it has a full-bodied and structured taste of fresh oranges, berries, vanilla and delicate spices. It reaches its climax in long drinks with tonic, always fresh (6-8 ° C) with ice and garnished with a slice of orange. Fresh and lively, the last born in the Lillet house is finally the Rosé: bright pink color and delicate aroma of red fruits, orange blossom and grapefruit, has the same wine base as LILLET Blanc, with the addition of some fruits during alcoholic maceration. Try it with the tonic, always fresh (6-8 ° C) and accompanied by ice and a slice of lime. So, what’s your perfect aperitif like? In this gallery above some photos of Lillet:

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