Linda Tol and Renwe Jules: The greatest gift

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Renwe: “When I first picked Louie in my arms it was … it was … I can’t find the words.”
Linda: “Even then you didn’t find them: you were crying.”
Renwe: «Almost. I almost cried. ‘
Linda: «Almost not. You sobbed! ».

A squabble, lovingly means, is one of the most loved couples in the fashion system. She is the influencer Linda Tol, 36, he is the photographer Renwe (pronounced Renui) Jules, 35.

In 16 and a half years of life together they have done everything: they left Amsterdam for Milan and then Milan for Amsterdam, they created her success on Instagram, they visited the five continents, attended every possible fashion show, created collaborations with prestigious brands , attended the parties that matter. They traveled, flew, explored. They took the world by the tail and turned it around. Then, three years ago, the decision to slow down a bit. They bought a house in Harleem, a quiet town northwest of Amsterdam, where today they welcome us (virtually) along with their greatest masterpiece, Louie Gene, a four month old wren, smeared like a stick of butter in the arms of the Pope.

Louie didn’t show up right away.
L: “No, it took me two and a half years to get pregnant.”

A: «For months I didn’t have a period. I spent a year in and out of hospitals to be able to conceive naturally. But it didn’t go well on the first try ».

Would you like to tell?
L: «Two summers ago we lost a baby. It was terrible, but having gone through this tragedy together has united us even more ».
A: «We understood one thing: we lived at 300 per hour, it was necessary to slow down».

You have succeeded.
L: «Yes and the credit goes to Renwe who remained positive even when I was taken by discouragement».

When did you find out you were pregnant again?
L: «Almost immediately: I had the same symptoms as the first time. I was eager for confirmation so I took the test right away. And I cried out loud ».
A: «He was in such a hurry that he didn’t even wait for me to come back from the supermarket. He did it without me. ‘

He got angry?
A: «A little, but then the news was too good».

Are you still in litigation?
L: «It’s difficult with him, I really have to work hard to irritate him. But if I pull too hard there is trouble. “

What happens?
L: “He is capable of not talking to me for a week.”

What does it do to recover?
L: «If I see that the situation is very serious, I cry. But to tell the truth we were bickering just before and now zero. Louie fills all our days with baby food, naps, diapers ».

Which of the two changes them more often?
R: “Maybe I: I take care of the baby even during the night”.
L: «He is very good: he is able to watch over the cradle for up to two hours waiting for Louie to fall asleep. My father was very amazed at how involved he was: he never changed a diaper and he never pushed the stroller. I explained to him that times have changed ».

Do you also share housework?
L: «Of course, I’m better at cleaning».
A: «I take care of garbage, garden and repairs».
L: «He can do everything: when I met him he attended a technical institute with a specialization in heating systems».

First meeting?
L: «At a party of a mutual friend. Then I caught him again by chance at the subway stop. He was talking to a girl, I went to meet him to say hello and the other went away. At the beginning he was also a bit resentful that I had “ruined the square” ».

Then instead?
L: «We started chatting daily on Msn Messenger and, after a year, she asked me out».

First kiss?
R: «Al cinema».
L: «But no: at the cinema we were in the company of a friend of ours with her little brother. We kissed the next time, remember? ‘
A: “Not really, it’s been almost 17 years!”

17 years of starting a family and starting a business. Today Linda is an influencer with nearly 500,000 followers.
L: «I was very lucky because Renwe became passionate about photography: he attended courses, read books, followed tutorials on YouTube. When you are nobody, there are no great professionals ready to shoot you: having the support of the boyfriend is essential. And, even today, when I pose for him I feel freer: he knows me like no one else and knows how to capture my personality in every image ».

Working together can be a double-edged sword.
L: «Not for us, because we know how to take our space. Many times I have gone on business trips alone, he is not jealous ».
A: “I’m a little jealous.”
L: «Oh yes? I never noticed it ».
A: «Sure, because I trust. Trust is the basis of everything ».

What else is it?
L: «To go to meet the partner, but without canceling oneself. Example: I like to wear black and I continue to do so even though Renwe would like to see me always colored ».

How important is the physical understanding?
L: «A lot, but keeping the fire burning is a job. We always try to do something nice together, to give ourselves the right attention and never to be sloppy. I like it when he says “how pretty you look today”. And I’m sure he appreciates it when I whisper to him that it smells good. Even after years ».

In all this time, never a crisis, never a break?
L: «Never. Renwe is not one to break. Either inside or outside ».

Are you interested in getting married?
L: «To Renwe for nothing. It seemed like a romantic idea to me. Then I thought about it: the organization was too stressful! ».

A second child?
L: «Absolutely yes. I can’t wait to try everything again, from the first football to labor ».

Easy childbirth?
L: «I would say fast: in three hours he was born».
A: «I shot a video».
L: «I looked at it yesterday: I had the face of a dying woman. It was very hard. And beautiful: Louie is part of me, when he cries I suffer too ».

Linda, what is the thing you love most about Renwe as a dad?
L: «Patience and sweetness».

Renwe, and you about Linda?
R: «An image. At night, when I wake up to find Louie asleep at her breast in the dim light of the room, I stare at them. And I think I’m in heaven ».

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