Lino Banfi and his wife Lucia’s illness: “I asked the Pope to pray for us to die together”

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Behind the smile of those who have spent their lives making others smile, there are often great pains. Hidden, mostly, kept private and kept with great confidentiality. So it was for Lino Banfiwho for years has lived with the tragedy of his wife’s illness Lucia Lagastraaffected by Alzheimer’s. But now the «free grandfather» of A doctor in the family revealed some of this pain, writing a letter to his wife which was published by the weekly Intimacy.

An intimate, but profoundly revealing letter, in which the 85-year-old actor confesses the more painful than thoughts: the impossibility to continue living without having the woman next to him who has walked with him for over 60 years.

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“I wrote to Pope Francis”, the letter reads: “I asked the Holy Father what you asked me to ask precisely. I told him about your desire, that of leaving together, at the same time, holding hands as we have always done in our life ».

To die together, therefore, as they lived. A heavy request also for the Pontiff who, however, sent an answer to the actor: “The Pope told me that he does not have the power to make us go, even if you and I could not live without the other, he will pray for us“.

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Lucia and Lino met as kids in Canosa di Puglia and they married in 1962. For 60 years she has always been beside him, in moments of success, in the dark and in the professional rebirth. Then, a few years ago she fell ill with Alzheimer’s, a degenerative neurological disease, and the roles were reversed.

A situation of which – understandably – the actor rarely spoke. Just a few months ago he had opened up with Mara Venierto Sunday in: «Some time ago my wife asked me:“ And if one day I don’t recognize you anymore? ”. I replied squeezing her: “she will mean that we will introduce ourselves again” ». And then she added with the usual irony: «Lucia has always been a bit more confusing and she says to me: ‘Oh God do we all have to die?’ I love this woman so much that I said to her “Lucia, look, most of the people who die are men so don’t worry, you women will have to do it later” ».

Words, however, veiled with sadness: “In these days you ask me questions: why don’t we find a way to die together? Because if you die first, I can’t do it. We have had the example of many couples, including that of Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello, who did not last long apart .. ».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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