Lino Guanciale became a father: his wife Antonella Liuzzi gave birth to a boy

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Lino Guanciale, 42, became a father for the first time. The site, who released the news exclusively, reveals that the actor’s wife, Antonella Liuzzi, 35, on Monday morning she gave birth to a little boy. The name chosen by the couple for the firstborn is still top secret. It is known, however, that the star of Rai fiction, engaged in Trieste in the filming of The Red Door 3, he ran to the hospital to be next to his family.

Lino and Antonella, a very private couple, have always wanted to keep their story out of the spotlight. The two are married in secret in Rome, in Campidoglio, on 18 July 2020. To announce the marriage – for a few close friends as foreseen by the anti-covid rules – it was a local newspaper in the province of Bari, the Gazzettino di Noci, country of the bride.

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Shortly after, the “official announcement” also arrived: the actor shared on the Net the only photo from husband and wife. Without adding details, or anything else, not even a word.

Lino and his wife they would have met in Milan, where she teaches at Bocconi. The little that the actor wanted to reveal about their love is known, for example that the quarantine lived alongside Antonella had made “an authentic and sincere relationship even more solid.” After the wedding, then, Lino had manifested «the desire to start a family“. While the couple managed to keep the pregnancy away from the prying eyes of the press and fans, apparently that wish has just come true.

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