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LionTree CEO: institutional investors can no longer ignore the cryptocurrency market

LionTree CEO: institutional investors can no longer ignore the cryptocurrency market

The CEO of the American company LionTree, Arie Burkoff, believes that the crypto business will have to comply with the rules of the global regulation of the digital asset market.

LionTree Investment Company Chairman Aryeh B. Bourkoff in his report
stated about the exponential growth and potential of the cryptocurrency market.

“It embodies the potential of the new economy: cutting-edge technology at the service of communities that can act according to their shared vision and in a way that creates lasting value.”

He argues that cryptocurrencies can empower people. Cryptocurrencies “can no longer be ignored,” he said, as the industry has a market capitalization of over $ 2 trillion.

“We are exploring ways to start accepting cryptocurrencies to pay for our services, and as our ecosystem grows and our relationship develops further, we may even create our own LionTree token.”

Burkoff highlighted the challenges that need to be addressed before cryptocurrencies truly go mainstream. To gain widespread acceptance, the industry must become more energy efficient.

As an example, he cited transactions on the Ethereum network that use more energy than the average US household in a week. He suggested that cryptocurrency companies implement friendlier and more intuitive user interfaces for crypto platforms in order to reach a customer base with low technical background.

According to the head of the LionTree company, the biggest problem will probably be the global regulation of cryptocurrencies, as it includes the management of cryptocurrencies, which are used as an alternative to fiat money.

Globally, he stressed, countries will have to balance regulation and innovation by employers with their quest for control through centralized currencies.

More and more institutional investors are entering the cryptocurrency market and everyone is contributing elements of their business. In November, the founder of investment firm Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, announced that institutional investors will embed cryptocurrencies across all industries. Earlier, the founder of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, Changpeng Zhao, suggested that institutional investors pay attention to cryptocurrencies amid inflationary expectations. At the beginning of the month, the CEO of the American corporation Apple Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that his investment portfolio contains cryptocurrencies.