Lisa Marie Presley leaves her heirs with 3 million debts (including one million in back taxes)

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Lisa Marie Presleydied at the age of 54 of cardiac arrest, to his heirs he left three million dollars in debt. Including one million in back taxes. He reveals it RadarOnline, which obtained the documents presented in court last November as part of the trial between Lisa and his ex-husband (number four) Michael Lockwoodthe guitarist from whom he got the 14-year-old twins Harper Vivienne and Finley. Lisa and Lockwood had said goodbye in 2016 but had only recently reached an agreement in which she had agreed to pay her ex-husband $6,000 a month for Harper and Finley.

Lisa Marie hadn’t paid child support for yearsbecause his finances were in a very bad state. Last year, however, Lockwood was returned to court claiming that the ex-wife was full of money: «You received an advance of a million for a book and has been raising additional funds since the film’s release Elvis», he had declared to the judges. He was also convinced that his ex-wife had control of a trust set up by Elvis worth $60 million. In 2004, actually, Lisa Marie had sold 85% of her stake in the father’s estate for about 100 million dollars. Gone, it seems.

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Just as the 100 million dollars inherited from dad Elvis when he was 25 had long disappeared. Lost in bad investments and spent to maintain graceland, the large family estate in Memphis that his father bought in 1957 for 100,000 dollars, which over the years has become a pilgrimage destination for fans from all over the world. Today, according to the Mirrorsthe property value would reach i 500 million dollars. Lisa Marie, who owned 100 percent of it, had hardly ever left Graceland lately: she was in fact plunged into a deep prostration two years ago, when his only son, Benjamin, 27, had committed suicide after a long battle with addictions and depression.

Now it is likely that the family estate will be inherited – together with the 3 million debts – by Presley’s three daughters: Riley, 33, actress (daughter of Danny, first of four husbands) and Harper twins Vivienne and Finley. It was Lisa Marie herself, years ago, who announced that one day the house in which she had grown up, and where her father had died, would become the property of her children: «Graceland was given to me and will always be mine, then pass on to my children. It will never be sold».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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