Lithuania: A special concert from the roof of an inactive nuclear plant

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On the roof of a now inactive nuclear plant in Lithuania, the DJ Samanta “Played” a techno set, lasting about an hour. The special concert took place at Ingalina, who is considered his “little brother” Chernobyl .

The Ingalina gained worldwide fame with its successful series HBO «Chernobyl». In fact, the similarities between Ingalina and Chernobyl were so many that in 2009 the European Union asked to close for security reasons.

“The incident at the Ingalina nuclear plant is symbolic for our creative team, and we hope it sets an example that motivates other audiovisual artists and electronic musicians,” he said. Edmundas Pučkorius, responsible for her shows Antidote, of the Lithuanian collective that organized its DJ set Seed.

“Instead of just using beautiful locations as a background for DJs, we’re really promoting synergy between music and location. “In our videos, we always try to tell a unique story, embracing the overall historical and cultural context, while at the same time using different visual narration techniques,” he added.

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