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Lithuania: Imposition of a no-fly zone in Ukraine “irresponsible”

Any call on NATO to impose a no-fly zone on Ukraine would be irresponsible and could lead the military alliance into a direct confrontation with Russia, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte said on Friday.

“I believe that any incitement to NATO to get involved in a military conflict is now irresponsible,” Simonite told a news conference in Vilnius.

Lithuania ‘s central bank has removed four Russian – owned companies from its payment system and told others not to use it for payments related to Russia.

The system, which serves as a gateway for SEPA payments in euros, is used by 150 payment companies in 18 European countries, the central bank said.

“This is in response to Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine, international sanctions against Russia by the European Union and other countries, and to prevent attempts to circumvent them,” the central bank said in a statement on Friday.

Losing access to Lithuania ‘s central bank system means the four companies will not be able to access SEPA payments, the central bank said.

Lithuania’s central bank system was used for payments totaling 358 billion euros last year, doubling from 2020, the central bank said.

Source: Capital

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