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Lithuania to US: Putin will not stop in Ukraine

Lithuanian President Gitana Nauseda today warned US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that if the international community did not stop Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, it would lead to a global conflict.

Nauseda stressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin “will not stop in Ukraine” and that the international community has an obligation to help the Ukrainians “by any means available.”

“I really mean any available means, if we want to avoid World War III. The choice is in our hands,” he stressed.

Lithuania, a NATO member, has sent military aid to Ukraine and has received a small number of refugees from the country.

Blinken is touring the Baltic States and, in addition to Lithuania, will visit Latvia and Estonia today and tomorrow.

After his meeting with Naoussa, the US Secretary of State will meet with his Lithuanian counterpart Gabriels Landsbergis, as well as with the country’s Prime Minister Ingrida Simonite.

Addressing the staff of the US embassy in Vilnius, Blinken said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is testing the basic principles aimed at maintaining peace between the states.

“It is important that people understand exactly what is at stake and that this is beyond Ukraine, beyond the Baltic countries, even beyond Europe,” he said.

Some US diplomats sent to the US embassy in Belarus were also in Vilnius after their mission was closed due to security concerns last week.

Belarus, which borders Lithuania and Latvia, has allowed Russian troops to launch an offensive against Ukraine from its territory.

Minsk also barred US Ambassador Julie Fisher from taking office last year and called on Washington to reduce its staff at the Minsk embassy in response to US sanctions over its crackdown on pro-white protesters against Lefkos.

“Permanent deployment of forces”

Mr Blinken said NATO was constantly evaluating the alliance’s military’s defense arrangements, with a view to a more permanent deployment of troops.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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