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Little car accident for Ben Affleck’s son Samuel

All children ask their parents to get behind the wheel. Few can do it, let alone behind the wheel of one Lamborghini. Samuel Affleck10 years old, son of Ben Affleckis among these few and had from his father the allowed to go up in the driver’s seat of the luxury car, rented for $ 1,475 a day.

According to video published exclusive from the Daily Mailthe car was parked between two othersand the little boy, supervised from his father who was standing next to him with the door open, he had to get her out to get on the road. Going in reverse gear however, he fully took the BMW that was stationary behind, hitting its left front part.

Samuel, in a bang, he obviously is scaredas well as the owner of the car rental, that is rushed to check the extent of the damagewhile dad Ben, with a hug took care of reassuring the child.

All is well when it ends well, however: the damage – a spokesperson for Affleck said – was not serious, nobody got hurt and the matter ended without controversy or protest. A car rental employee later confirmed to Post that “There was no problem: they are all fine and the owner will be happy to have Mr Affleck and Mrs Lopez among his customers again”

With Affleck father and son there was, in fact, also Jennifer Lopezwho trusting little Samuel, she had already taken the back seat. And that, at the time of the little accident, it has not broken down in the slightest: she got out of the car, continued to do what she was doing on her cell phone, and let her partner – whom she called “the best dad in the world” – take care of the matter without pleating. Then, when they left (on foot) the car rental was photographed as she took Samuel by the hand, who in the meantime had calmed down.

Samuel is the youngest of the three children that Ben Affleck had with Jennifer Garner from which he divorced in 2018: before him there are Violet And Seraphinarespectively 16 and 13 years.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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