Local coffee shop improvises a McDonald’s for sick child

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McDonald’s is one of the most recognized fast food restaurant chains in the world, as the flavor of its french fries and hamburgers is capable of melting anyone’s palate, just as it happened to a little one.

Four-year-old Enzo wanted to enjoy a happy meal, but there are no McDonald’s locations in his hometown. However, a local coffee shop made his dream come true.

A peculiar request

Enzo, boy holding a box of fast food, Local Cafeteria improvises a McDonalds for a sick child

Every time Enzo sees a McDonald’s commercial his mouth is watering. Although there is no branch of this restaurant in his hometown, he often asks his mother for a happy meal.

On Sunday he asked me twice for McDonald’s food and I explained that that day would not be possible. Then he started having a high fever, I gave him medicine and he didn’t get better. I remembered his order and decided to order it at Sandwiches in Minas. I explained what was happening without imagining what they were going to do.

A happy meal full of love

Group of restaurateurs gathered for a photograph, a local cafeteria improvises a McDonalds for a sick child

Enzo fell ill suddenly and his mother did everything possible to make him feel better. He called a local coffee shop and ordered a burger combo. Almost accidentally, she told them that her son’s dream was to receive a happy meal. However, the person who attended her reserved to take her order without commenting.

When the order arrived at Enzo’s house, Enzo couldn’t contain his excitement as he opened a happy meal that was improvised by workers at the local cafeteria. Apparently, the employees were moved by the request of that woman, who just wanted to see her son smile.

Although some have downplayed the cafeteria gesture, others have filled them with applause and praise, demonstrating that it is important to treat everyone with respect and to help where possible.

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