Located in the USA, the manufacturer of the helicopter that crashed in SP is one of the largest in the world

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Robinson Helicopter Company, manufacturer of the helicopter that crashed in the Barra Funda region, in São Paulo, this Friday afternoon (17), is one of the largest in the world.

It was created in 1973 in California, United States, and has produced more than 13,000 civil helicopters for the whole world.

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According to the company, the best-selling models are the R44 and the R66. The model of the helicopter that crashed in São Paulo is Robinson R44 II.

In 2020, the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) declared that Robinson helicopter models R44 and R44 II should have main rotor blades with Part Numbers C016-2 or C016-5 replaced by blades with Part Number C016-7.

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The R22 modelsR22 Alpha, R22 Beta It is R22 Mariner they also needed technical replacements, according to the Agency.

The Robinson Company states on its official website that it “places great emphasis on safety” and holds monthly safety courses for helicopter flight instructors and maintenance courses for technicians.

The accident

The helicopter that crashed in Barra Funda, west of São Paulo, this Friday (17), crashed near a building of the Regional Labor Court (TRT) and a wholesale market.

The crash occurred between Pedro Luís Alves Siqueira and James Holland streets. The Robinson R44 II model aircraft had a regular status at Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) and performed air taxis.

The victims have not yet been identified. All the dead were inside the aircraft. There were three passengers and the pilot, all male.

According to information from the fire department, the aircraft hit a coconut tree before crashing. Experts work on site.

Parts of the aircraft were scattered in the region and were collected by firefighters.

Lucas Cobra, manager of a company in the region, witnessed what happened and told the CNN . “I was inside the office, I heard a sound falling on my roof, I heard another noise on the street path. When I left, I saw that there were people running. The helicopter crashed in an area of ​​an old factory.”

Posted by Isabela Filardi

Source: CNN Brasil

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